Based off the book by R. Buckminster-Fuller’s Utopia or Oblivion The Prospects for Humanity 

This project was initiated in a Design Lab class. We were given a list of prompts and had to choose one and write a response to the prompt. I chose "Utopia or Oblivion.” I intially thought of creating a narrative between Bucky and I, but with each chapter read, I came to make a large (24” x 36”) “I SPY” experiential poster. Bucky writes out 40 questions (listed) about humanity. I took each question and turned them into a personafied character. 

It is Fuller’s proposition that to acheive total success for all humanity, all interested parties must agree upon the answers to these questions before they can successfully combine their efforts. The efforts can be through color, placement and or state of time. Using different colors ways or placing them in different environments can help trigger different responses to each individuals to hopefully acheive the same conclusion.
By bringing visuals and conversations together; let us ponder Fuller’s questions.

This project is on-going.
1. What do we mean by universe?
2. Has man a function in universe?
3. What is thinking?
4. What are experiences?
5. What are experiments?
6. What is subjective?
7. What is objective?
8. What is apprehension?
9. What is comprehension?
10. What is positive? Why?
11. What is negative? Why?
12. What is physical?
13. What is metaphysical?
14. What is synergy?
15. What is energy?
16. What is brain?
17. What is intellect?
18. What is science?
19. What is a system?
20. What is consciousness?
21. What is subconsciousness?
22. What is teleology?
23. What is automation?
24. What is a tool?
25. What is industry?
26. What is animate?
27. What is inanimate?
28. What are metabolics?
29. What is wealth?
30. What is intuition?
31. What are aesthetics?
32. What is harmonic?
33. What is prosaic?
34. What are the senses?
35. What are mathematics?
36. What is structure?
37. What is differentiation?
38. What is integration?
39. What is integrity?
40. What is “truth? ”

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